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In mid-October, 2015, I decided to attend the U.S. Trail Running Race Directors’ Conference in Estes Park, CO.  It was a bit of a stretch, as we had just wrapped up the second year of hosting our non-traditional and relatively small Flyathlon event…  Am I seriously a race director?

Boy, am I glad that I went.  The knowledge that I absorbed was incredible, and will help improve the Flyathlon for years to come.  The reception I received from the trail running race director community was outstanding, as everyone urged me to continue to pursue my weird  but innovative vision.  And finally, the people I met were wonderful.

Including the crew from Trail Runner Magazine, who I chatted with over more than three but less than six Old Chubs at that evening’s function.  Paul and Jeremy couldn’t be cooler, and I talk too much.  The result of that conversation, and a follow-up conversation on the phone with Paul, is this article.

Thanks to Paul for excluding all of the f-bombs that I am sure were a part of both conversations.

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