Why Trademark?

Thanks to my good friend Katie O’Grady, as of March 10th, 2015, the Flyathlon name has officially been trademarked.  Why on earth would I take such steps for a concept that involves running / fly fishing / craft beer in the woods?  Well, first off, I’ve never trademarked anything, so this was my opportunity.  And yes, that gold sticker on that paper is even shinier in person than it appears in this photo…  Seriously though, I went this route largely to do what I could to ensure that no one would try to personally profit off of this idea.  As you can see in our principles, the fundamental goal of the Flyathlon is to create a fun and accessible venue to get new people out trail running and fly fishing, while raising money for the conservation / preservation / restoration of trails and trout water.   Anyone who seeks to do otherwise can expect to be attacked by my golden seal…

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