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It has always frustrated me that after a long, grueling race, there waiting for me at the finish line was…

  • A Michelob Ultra
  • A Miller 64

Did someone miss the part where I just ran up then down that freakin’ mountain?  I’m not worried about calories at that particular moment…

This is not the case with the Flyathlon.  Flyathletes are encouraged to drink good beer before / after a day on the trail / water.  Here are some beer selection guidelines:

  • Beer should be greater than 8% ABV
  • Beer should be barrel-aged
  • Beer should be large
  • Beer should be local (or if not local, beer should really, really good) (e.g. Firestone Walker(CA), Founders (MI), Allagash (ME))

Oh, and if you happen to still be fishing whilst you are enjoying a post-run stout, please consider snapping a picture for a gallery that we like to call Stouts and Trouts.  If you happen to get a good photo of a fine stout complementing a fine trout, please send it to me ASAP…

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