RULES: Training Rules

The rules for training runs are in place so that flyathletes can challenge themselves or others to beat their or a friend’s previous best time on a given course.

Training Run Rules:

Rule #1:  All gear must be carried on your person to the fishing destination.  No meeting your wife in the meadow with all of your fishing crap…

Rule #2:  Time starts when you leave the trailhead.  All gear must be disassembled at the start.  Gear can be assembled anytime after the clock is started.  Time is stopped once the fishing destination has been reached, a fish (of any size) has been captured, and said fish has been successfully released (no floaters).

Rule #3:  Fishing can continue for as long as the flyathlete desires (off the clock).  This is because you busted your ass to get to this beautiful, fish-rich destination, it would be a shame to leave after just catching one fish…

Rule #4: Clock starts again before fishing gear is disassembled, and stops again at the finish.  As such, total time is calculated as the running plus the gear assembly and disassembly plus the catching of the first fish.

Rule #5:  High-quality craft beer should be consumed both before and after the run (see The Reward).

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