Tank 7 Run

Imagine my surprise when looking at a map this AM, I saw that the place that I was working was less than 10 miles from this creek:

photo 3

For those of you who regularly drink Michelob Ultra, Tank 7 is not only a creek near Gunnison, but it is a fabulous Farmhouse beer from Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City, MO.  So I ran it, with my Rolling River fly rod.  Not knowing if there was even any water in Tank 7 Creek…

Turns out, there wasn’t very much water.  But crazy ass brookies…

photo 1

…only need a little bit of water.  Post run, I bombed back to Gunnison, CO to complete Tank 7 Day by drinking a Boulevard Tank 7.  But Gunnison…

photo 4

…was all out of Tank 7.  Every damned liquor store.  Fortunately, my friends at Elevation Beer Company make an equally delicious saison, which I gladly crushed.

Tank 7 trail.  Crazy brookie. Wildflowers.

run. fish. beer.


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