The 2014 Flyathlon would not have been as awesome as it is was without the support of these pioneering sponsors.  Please give them your business whenever you can.


Christy Sports (christysports.com):  We are pleased to have this family owned, Colorado-based company as a sponsor of our family owned, Colorado-based event.  Several of our flyathletes work for this outstanding company, which this year has contributed to make sure that we have only the finest event t-shirts.  At Christy Sports, they are passionate about skiing and snowboarding, but also realize the importance of supporting organizations that benefit local watershed management (like ours), because while they enjoy the snow during the winter, they also enjoy the rivers, streams, and lakes throughout the state as soon as the runoff starts.


Elevation Beer Company (elevationbeerco.com):  For those of you who vaguely remember last year’s “unofficial” first event, that is in large part to the great beer that Elevation gave us for our kick-off party (this party has been moved to the night after for painfully obvious reasons).  This year, Elevation has indicated that it will become our “Trophy Sponsor”, providing drinkable trophies for our winners and drinkable medals for all participants.Brewery logo-4


Gunnison Brewery (gunnisonbrewery.com):  For those of you have spent any time in Gunnison, you have undoubtedly had beers and a burger at the Gunnison  Brewery.  One of the owners, who is also an aquatic biologist, has indicated that he is more than happy to provide us with post-race libations.  Check that bad ass logo as well…


San Luis Valley Brewing Company (slvbrewco.com):  When I started doing research in the SLV several years ago, I based my operations out of Alamosa.  Not really a Valley local, the San Luis Valley Brewing Company welcomed me with open arms to eat their delicious food and drink their tasty beers.  Although I have since discovered a variety of additional awesome dining options in Alamosa, I always make a point of getting into the SLV Brewing Company at least once whenever I am in town.  Their Ol’ 169 stout is delicious, and will soon be found in the remote woods near Saguache…


Skratch Labs (skratchlabs.com):  Skratch Labs is a company based in Boulder, CO that makes some really tasty hydration products made from real, all-natural ingredients.  Honestly, I have switched entirely to these drinks during runs, as they taste and make me feel a lot better than other hydration tablets and mixes that I have tried.  Further, in a lapse of judgement, they named me a 2014 Skratch Taste Agent, which means I get to “officially” spew about how bad ass they are…  Skratch will be providing us with its hydration mixes for race day, and to help cure Sunday morning’s hang-over (it seems to work very effectively in this capacity).

Ascent FF Logo

Ascent Fly Fishing:  Ascent is the brainchild of aquatic biologist Peter Stitcher who had the crazy idea that he could target fly selections to specific venues.  This is exactly what the Flyathlon is all about.  You can’t take all of your fly boxes with you when running up a mountain, but you’d better be damned sure you have the fly you need when you get there…  Peter has tied a box of flies specific for this year’s venue (contact sales@ascentflyfishing.com), and has also donated a bigger box to the Flyathlon cause.  Thanks Peter, and may your flies produce the 2014 Flyathlon’s Biggest Fish winner!


Trouts Fly Fishing (troutsflyfishing.com):  Trouts Fly Fishing is more than just an awesome fly fishing shop in Denver, it is an awesome fly fishing shop in Denver that is owned by an old family friend (Tucker Ladd), and represented by the one and only Will Rice.  For 2014, Trouts has graciously offered itself up in the role of Flyathlon pimp, pushing our strange message out to the masses.  Thanks for believing in us, Trouts, and thanks for being so close to my house.


Colorado Trout Unlimited (coloradotu.org):  Colorado Trout Unlimited is serving a dual role in the Flyathlon for the next several years.  First, logistically they are helping to make it happen, through their insurance, marketing abilities, prizes, etc…  Most importantly, though, CTU will be the recipient of any funds raised through the event not spent on food, additional beer, and race schwag.  Colorado Trout Unlimited is a great organization that regularly advocates and fights for Colorado’s cold water streams, rivers and lakes.

ThreeBarrel_Badge_BlkOutline copy

Three Barrel Brewing Company (threebarrelbrew.com):  I remember back when this brewery operated out of the back of the owner’s insurance office in Del Norte, CO.  It was awesome then, and it is even awesomer now that they have twice expanded.  If you don’t know where Del Norte is, how do you call yourself a Coloradan?  It was once considered to be our state capitol…  These guys make really good beer, and their people (Will in particular) are also very conservation-minded, so they are very much in line with the mission of the Flyathlon.


Yeti Coolers (yeticoolers.com): You’ve just finished an epic trail run where you caught some gigantic cutthroat trout… You are psyched.  But your car is hot, super hot, and there is zero chance that the cooler in the back holding your post Flyathlon craft beer has kept it cold.  Shit.

But wait!  Your cooler is a Yeti, and Yeti coolers are better than all other coolers.  And it turns out your post run / fish beer is super cold after all.  Thanks to Yeti.

Thanks Yeti.

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