Rocky Mountain Flyathlon
7 mile race
Saturday, August 16th, 2014:
 9:30 AM – 3 PM


The purpose of this Plan is to set forth organization, responsibilities, and procedures for the safe conduct of the Rocky Mountain Flyathlon multi-sport race. The plan will be posted on the race website for runners, volunteers and the public.

This trail race will occur on natural surface (dirt) trails (Middle Creek and East Middle Creek trails) within the Rio Grande National Forest near Saguache, CO.

Included in this Plan are the current course description, course maps, checkpoint / course marshal locations, and other logistics related to this event.

A list of emergency phone numbers is listed at the end of this document. It includes telephone numbers for local EMS departments, the Saguache sheriff’s department, and other key race personnel.

The 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon competitor instructions are posted on the race website and are available to each runner. They contain, among other information, emergency instructions to be followed during the race.


1. The Race Director has overall responsibility for the safe conduct of this event.

2. The United States Forest Service (USFS) maintains jurisdiction of the trails and forested land upon which the race is held. The USFS has authorized the use of the Middle Creek / East Middle Creek trails for this race. The USFS also authorized the use of the trailhead area for parking. The pre- and post-race gatherings will be held at the Upper Crossing Guard Station, a USFS property that has been authorized for this purpose.

3. In addition to the start and finish lines there are three runner checkpoints (Mile 0.7, Mile 3.5, Mile 6.3) that offer communications to the race director and basic first aid. Volunteers / course marshals are instructed how to handle minor injuries and problems and how to differentiate between serious emergencies. They are instructed to radio the race director for anything they deem to be serious or could become serious. They will be in regular communication with the race director via two-way radio.

4. Local EMS (San Luis Valley, Chaffee County, and Gunnison) will be notified at least two weeks in advance of the race. They will be provided updated race details, course descriptions and maps. The Director makes sure that these entities know where the race is taking place and are advised about the event.

5. A race volunteer at each checkpoint will have a list of all competitors, and all competitors will be required to check in at each checkpoint by certain cut-off times. If a competitor does not check in at a checkpoint, the race director will identify the last checkpoint that was reached to begin isolating the location of the competitor.

6. Checkpoints will not be closed until the last competitor has passed that point.

7. The Race Director has overall responsibility for the safe conduct of the event. His decisions are final. Prior to the race he shall determine that meteorological and trail conditions are consistent with safe conduct of the event. His decision shall be based upon current weather observations and official weather service forecasts for the duration of the event. He shall ensure that all volunteers are properly trained, equipped, and stationed. The Race Director shall be present for the race start and will remain at the starting point until the race begins and ends. He stays at the race starting line an monitors all race activities via two way radio contact with volunteers at aid stations / checkpoints.


Prior to the Event

  1. The Race Director shall coordinate with the USFS prior to the race to ensure that trail is in good shape and course conditions are suitable for safe conduct of the event. The race will only start when he so directs.
  2. The race director shall obtain all necessary permits and permission needed to conduct the race.
  3. The Race director shall conduct two-way radio checks with all aid stations.
  4. There are no road closures associated with this event.

During the Event

Trail-related Incidents

  1. Any incident requiring medical response will be reported to 911. Medical emergencies will be referred to 911 and the nearest hospital, which will likely be the Rio Grande Hospital in Del Norte, CO. Other regional hospitals include the San Luis Valley Medical Center or the Gunnison Valley Health Hospital. Additionally, because cell phone coverage can be difficult at the Middle Creek trailhead, the race director will be carrying a satellite messenger device in case of emergency. On course minor injuries will be handled at the nearest race checkpoint.
  2. The bib number of any competitor who drops out of the race or misses a checkpoint will be reported to the Race Director. Those refusing to leave the course will be advised that they are no longer part of the race and will be considered pedestrians. The bib number of any person refusing support will be reported to the race director.

Lost Runner(s)

The following actions will be taken in the event a competitor fails to report at a checkpoint or finish the race and is reported lost.

  • Conduct a record check to ensure that the competitor started the race and did not finish the race.
  • The volunteer at the checkpoint will notify the Race Director that there is a competitor missing. The Race Director will carry with him a list of all competitors to include emergency contact information.
  • The race director will contact all aid stations / checkpoints to ensure that the competitor has not turned himself in for assistance.
  • If the competitor is still not located, the Race Director will direct volunteers to search most likely trail segments.


The Race Director shall communicate to the USFS that the race was successfully completed, that trails were left in the same condition as they were prior to the race and provide a brief summary of any incidents.

If significant incidents or medical emergencies did occur, the race director shall also report that to the contact at the USFS.



Rio Grande Hospital
0310 County Road 14
Del Norte, Colorado
(719) 657-2510


San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center
106 Blanca Ave
Alamosa, CO
(719) 589-2511

Gunnison Valley Health Hospital
711 N Taylor St
Gunnison, CO
(970) 641-1456

Chaffee County EMS
10364 County Road 120
Salida, Colorado 81201
(719) 539-1914


Saguache Ambulance
Call 911 or Saguache County Sheriff Dispatch at (719) 655-2525

Saguache County Sherrif’s Deparment
530 5th St
Saguache, CO
(719) 655-2544

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