Congratulations to all who finished the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.  Here are the results with Fish Bonus and the GoPro Bonus taken into account…

Kort Kirkeby521:29:45Rio Grande Cutt848041.75
Todd Parker241:23:17Brown824059.28
Todd Doherty91:30:45Brook721069.75
Andrew Schmidt5031:31:30Brook721070.50
Mark Rudolph542:05:11Rio Grande Cutt954071.18
Nick Gianoutsos172:09:13Rio Grande Cutt954075.22
Steve Grace371:36:42Brook721075.70
Matt White141:47:10Brook824083.17
Ken Scott361:46:55Brook721085.92
Becca Klobuchar81:47:10Brook618089.17
Lauren Kolb302:05:04Brook8240101.07
Michael Barkin272:30:02Rio Grande Cutt8480102.03
Dan Wall342:09:32Brook7211107.53
Trevor Brown292:30:02Rio Grande Cutt7420108.03
Jeff McPherson122:07:18Brook6181108.30
Tony Selle332:37:09Rio Grande Cutt8480109.15
Justin Pritchard52:18:59Brook6180120.98
Nate Nelson102:19:26Brook5150124.43
Todd Heimbuck112:31:12Brook7210130.20
Kelly DiNatale232:34:05Rainbow7211132.08
Ashley Rust42:27:50Brook5150132.83
Dick Clark262:45:50Brook7211143.83
David Porteous322:51:47Brook7210150.78
Chris Jaros23:20:30Brook8240176.50
Bert Garcia253:20:44Brook7210179.73
Joe Novosad353:30:46Brook8240186.77
Holly Hughes6924:16:00Rio Grande Cutt9540202.00
John Isanhart203:52:43Brook7210211.72
Jason Pacheco213:58:45Brook8240214.75
Wil Rikards224:00:49Brook7210219.82
Sarah Parker664:14:00Brown8240230.00
Katherina Hell7104:16:00Brook7210235.00
Julie Guirl7004:11:15Solid Effort0-300281.25


    • Jerry:

      The point system is course specific and is designed to give a larger time bonus for larger fish, as well as for native species. Flyathletes present only one fish at the judges table at the end of the run, forcing them to target large fish and make decisions should they catch a smaller one initially…

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