New Sponsors- Three Barrels and a Yeti

As you will see on our sponsors page for the 2014 Flyathlon (and see below), we have added a couple of new sponsors within the last week.  The first, Three Barrel Brewing Company ( rounds out the slate of awesome breweries that surround the 2014 Flyathlon venue.  Three Barrel makes some exceptionally delicious beers in an unexpected place (Del Norte, Colorado).

Our other new sponsor, Yeti Coolers (yeti, is a company that I have admired from a distance for some time.  A month ago, I finally threw down and bought a Yeti cooler right before I went into the woods for work for 7 days.  I bought two bags of ice on a Monday, and my food was still ice cold (beer was long gone) the following Sunday.  Get one.

ThreeBarrel_Badge_BlkOutline copy

Three Barrel Brewing Company (  I remember back when this brewery operated out of the back of the owner’s insurance office in Del Norte, CO.  It was awesome then, and it is even awesomer now that they have twice expanded.  If you don’t know where Del Norte is, how do you call yourself a Coloradan?  It was once considered to be our state capitol…  These guys make really good beer, and their people (Will in particular) are also very conservation-minded, so they are very much in line with the mission of the Flyathlon.


Yeti Coolers ( You’ve just finished an epic trail run where you caught some gigantic cutthroat trout… You are psyched.  But your car is hot, super hot, and there is zero chance that the cooler in the back holding your post Flyathlon craft beer has kept it cold.  Shit.

But wait! Your cooler is a Yeti, and Yeti coolers are better than all other coolers. And it turns out your post run / fish beer is super cold after all. Thanks to Yeti.

Thanks Yeti.


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