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In the five or so years that I have been pairing these two activities, I have struggled to find guide books that adequately provide both fly fishing AND trail running relevant information…  For example, there are countless books on Colorado lake hikes that give mileage and elevation profiles, but say nothing about the fish / fishing in the lake once you get there.  Similarly, there are all sorts of fly fishing books, a fraction of which focus on remote backcountry locations, and even those don’t really elaborate on the journey itself (i.e. elevation profile, etc…).  So, you can imagine how pleased I was several years ago to find a book that does both, in that case for waters in Rocky Mountain National Park.  A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park has all the information that a Flyathlete needs to plan runs way back into the RMNP to catch trout.  The elevation profiles are good, the distances accurate, and the fishing information sound.

I have used this book extensively for runs in the park over the past couple of years (including Sandbeach Lake, Timber Lake, Onahu / Tonahutu), and I found myself wishing that there were similar guides for other parts of our wonderful state.  Then, one day a couple of years ago, on a run to Watanga Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, I came upon a group of fishermen in the middle of nowhere.  As I stopped to chat with them, I quickly recognized author Steve Schweitzer from the back cover of the RMNP book.  He indicated that they were back in the woods working on a follow up guide, a guide to fishing in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  For those of you who have not visited the Indian Peaks Wilderness, this was very exciting to hear, given its super-close proximity to the Front Range.  I said goodbye and patiently waited for a little over a year.

Well, I am excited to say that the wait is over…  Just last week, Steve and his buddy Mike Kruise released A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

I stopped by the Laughing Grizzly in Longmont (where Mike Kruise works) to get a hard-copy of the book, and it is as well put together as the RMNP guide.  I plan on using both extensively this coming year, the former to plan my Troutman route, and the newer book for some training runs.  These really are high quality books, and if you run AND fish AND live in Colorado, these are invaluable.

I am already pressuring Mike to let me help them with what I see as the obvious next book, A Flyathlete’s Guide to Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area.  That book will feature one key addition, the identification of nearby craft-beer options…

run. fish. beer.

The Stout Runner

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