Indian Creek Volunteer Work Weekend

Top of WTF Hill

Top of WTF Hill

This past weekend, several incredible flyathletes demonstrated that they truly get what the Flyathlon is all about by ditching work on Friday to take a weekend to build trail in the Middle Creek watershed, drink tasty beers, and catch a few trout.

The project, which was a joint endeavor with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, brought more than 40 people to a remote part of Saguache County to rehabilitate nearly a mile of the Indian Creek trail.  For those of you who participated in the long course of the Flyathlon last year, this is the first mile of the course between the starting line and the Indian Creek, including a steep descent that was previously very dangerous.  Importantly, this trail work dramatically improved this short section of trail for hunters, horseback riders, fishermen and trail runners alike.  Additional demarcation of the Indian Creek was also completed, including the building of cairns throughout the watershed and the installation of signage (including one at the top of WTF Hill!).

Special thanks go to our incredible sponsors Mad Greens, Noosa Yoghurt, and Upslope Brewing who provided healthy food and (way too much but super tasty) drink for the weekend.  Also, thanks to sponsor Tenkara USA for providing the weekend’s top raffle prize.  Our volunteer chef won the Sato rod package, who while new to fly fishing, got an extended briefing from Tenkara flyathlete Bert Garcia…

Oh, and extra special thanks to Carmen Hardin, who came all the way from Wisconsin to help out.  Unbelievable.

Have no fear, we plan to have more of these volunteer opportunities in the coming years, so get psyched!

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