Elevation YETI

Do you have a holiday party coming up that would benefit from large quantities of ice-cold, foam-free craft beer?  If so, perhaps you should consider employing the Flyathlon YETI…  This top shelf jockey box that was built for Flyathlon events with a bad ass cooler donated by YETI Coolers has two taps backed by 120 ft stainless steel coils.  Simply load the Flyathlon YETI with ice, hook up your kegs (cold, warm, doesn’t really matter), and let the party begin.  Operates best in a remote woods setting, just like the totally real Yeti.

If you are interested in renting the YETI, and are willing to make a donation to our parent 501(c)(3) organization, Running Rivers, please contact me at cutthroat@gmail.com and we can discuss terms based on the duration of your beer serving needs…

run. fish. beer.

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