FLYATHLETE #40: Grizzlybeargonewild


Name my parents call me: Brandon Lance Mellott
Real Name: Grizzlybeargonewild, Colorado_Grizzly
Age: 27 and Roaring
Birthday: January of 87 in an Alaskan Cave (Colorado Native)
Favorite Fish: Alaskan Salmon but I love a good Cheesman Bow
Favorite Beer: Fresh Squeezed IPA (Bend Oregon)

Bio– From mountain tops to hill sides to swimming down streams and rivers, I have always caught fish and been on an adventure. I love grabbing a bow out of the river and tossing it onto the bank to devour, unless I am on Gold Water I release the fish with a slight kiss. I can reach speeds up to 40 MPH and catch more fish than the average human so I am excited for this year’s Flyathlon. I support river clean-ups and programs to conserve the rivers and lakes and streams of Colorado.

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