EVENTS: 2015 Flyathlon Idaho (“Unofficial”)

The 2015 Flyathlon – Idaho style– was a huge success! Attendees were rewarded with beautiful weather, an incredible course and diverse fishing opportunities. Based on interest and the excitement of those who engaged in the scoping, planning, scouting and event itself, there will surely be more Idaho Flyathlons!

The course was 10K on the river trail along the scenic Middle Fork of the Salmon River, otherwise known as the River of No Return. Although times were not officially recorded, the lead participants ranged from 1 hour and 40 minutes to about 2 hours. Fish species caught during the event included Redband Rainbow trout, Mountain Whitefish, Westlope Cutthroat, Steelhead smolts and Chinook Salmon smolts – all native species!

True to Flyathlon form, the evening’s activities included stories of fish lost and caught, habitat and fisheries projects, gourmet (camp)meals, and of course, a variety of beers including several from local craft breweries!

Idaho events in 2016 may include Flyathlon courses in both southeast and northern Idaho. Stay tuned!

Run, fish, beer … repeat!


Welcoming sign to base camp for the inaugural Idaho Flyathlon.


River view at the 5K turn-around spot on the course.


Equipment prep on race morning.


Maybe not the largest fish of the day but still photo worthy!


No-one saw any snakes. I think an old angler put this sign up to scare people away.


Beautiful native species, long live the whitefish!


Nothing like a good ol’ cutthroat on a dry!


Post race smiles on bridge over Dagger Falls. Now, where is the beer?!


Participants Meal Award goes to the Dagger Falls breakfast scramble and flapjacks! in idaho.

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