FLYATHLETE #79: Batman

fly fishing Deckers
Name: Bruce Tilford
Codename: Batman (my middle name, Wayne)
Age: 37
Birthday: May 25
Favorite Fish: Brookie
Favorite Beers: Chimay, Batch 19
Bio: I’m a simple man who loves spending time with my family, my 19 month old daughter and beautiful wife. My profession is Photography. When that passion became work I turned to fly fishing for my relaxation time and haven’t turned back. I started fly fishing almost 15 years ago and only really started understanding what I was doing 5 years ago. I’m self taught with a lot of “skunked” days and flies in the trees. Either way, catching and releasing or not catching anything, a day on the river is a place to be! One more note, my facial hair changes with the season, don’t expect what you see, expect the unexpected!