FLYATHLETE #51: Doctor A


Name: Kevin Alexander
Codename: Doctor A
Age: Ancient hominid from the early anthropocene
Favorite Venue: Almost anywhere wild
Favorite Fish: Etheostoma spectabile or Polyodon spathula or Amia calva
Favorite insect: Suwallia pallidula
Favorite Beer: Yes
Statement: I love water.

Bio: Kevin Alexander, Ph.D., is a field biologist who lives in the Gunnison River basin of Colorado. He is a university professor of Biology teaching courses in biological diversity, aquatic ecology, fisheries, entomology and conservation biology. He also guides undergraduate students in research projects in a variety of habitats from streams to riparian systems to alpine tundra. His field based research projects that work to understand aquatic systems, habitats, landscapes and wildlife. He has also been the co-owner of two small businesses. He and his wife, Lori, have two children (Kenly, 16, and Zeb, 12) and a pointing Labrador retriever (Waylon, 2). Kevin spends the rest of his available time hiking, running, hunting, backpacking, fishing, camping and hauling his kids to various activities.

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