FLYATHLETE #50: Jim Reilly

Jim Reilly

Name: Jim Reilly
Codename: Jim Reilly
Favorite Venue: Midcoast Maine brook trout stream or Western Montana river
Favorite Fish: Native
Favorite Beer: Tie: Eddy Out (KettleHouse Brewing Company, Missoula, MT); Geary’s Pale Ale (D. L. Geary’s Brewing Company, Portland, ME).
Favorite Run: Mt. Sentinel, Missoula, MT.

Statement: I grew up in St. Louis but spent many years living in Maine and Montana. Colorado is the first state I’ve lived in that does not begin with “M.” I used to be the managing editor of a fly-fishing magazine and now work as a water scientist. This is the first time I’ve ever paid money to run.

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