FLYATHLETE #43: Randito

brown near deckers040415-2
Name:  Randy Thompson
Codename:  “Randito”
Age:  Born while John Lennon was alive
Favorite Venue:   Gin-clear streams with rising trout and nobody around except me and my fishing buddies
Favorite Fish:  Salmo trutta
Favorite Beer:  An IPA served at about 52 degrees
Favorite Run:  I prefer pocket water and riffles to runs

Statement: I grew up in the midwest, so fishing was usually more of a bobber-watching exercise than a tactical pursuit.  I will take this opportunity to publicly thank fellow flyathlete Bert Garcia for enlightening me to the beauty of fly fishing mountain streams.  Once I realized how interesting and relaxing reading a stream could be, I quit chasing a small white dimpled ball around acres of grass and instead spend my free time trying to figure out why that fish doesn’t like my presentation…

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