FLYATHLETE #41: The Fish Hound


Name: Russell Bassett
Codename: The Fish Hound
Age: 40
Birthday: June 8, 1974
Favorite Flyathlon Venue: TBD
Favorite Fish: Steelhead
Favorite Beer: Pliny the Elder

Statement: Stoked to participate in my first Flyathlon this year. When I first heard of the sport, knew immediatly that I wanted to be involved, as it blends three of favorite things: fishing, running, and craft brew. I chase many different types of fish throughout the year, including ice fishing in the winter and gear fishing for warm water fish in the spring. On summer weekends, you’re most likely to find me backpacking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, fly fishing high lakes and streams. When not enjoying all the great fishing and backpacking Colorado has to offer, I make a living working to protect clean water with Environment America.

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