P1010096The Third Flyathlete

Name:  Mike Todd
Codename:  Hatch
Age:  40+
Favorite Venue:  Anywhere with a view
Favorite Fish:  Brookies by the dozen
Favorite Beer:  Naval College Old Porter from Meantime Brewing (London, UK)

Statement:  After two decades on the road, I have returned to my CO roots. My fly-fishing skills are somewhere in the back of a garage covered in a thick layer of dust, but my hope is that it’s pretty much like riding a bike for people like me who were born in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Either way, the promise of a good run, a chance to catch a fish, and a quality beer at the end of a flyathlon is sure to make a winner of everyone.

Recent Quote:  “Why Hatch?  Because every time I go fly fishing, it seems like an insect hatch just started…  Booyah!”  (total BS, but it seemed like a pretty cool fishing call sign…)

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