FLYATHLETE #25: Bert Garcia


Name: Bert Garcia
Age: 52
Favorite Fishing Venue: Any place that requires a stout approach and offers wild, native trout.
Favorite Fish: Greenback cutthroat. All dozen or so of them that remain.
Favorite Beer: Ales.
Favorite WOD: Anything involving muscle-ups. Least favorite is running but do it anyway because they say it’s good for you.

Statement: Thanks for making this event happen, Andrew. Protecting Colorado water and wild, native fish; a good WOD; beer and friends. So simple, and so genius.

Resumé: Grew up fishing on the Gulf Coast with my dad using cane poles, the same way he did as a kid in Cuba. Still have the poles for my kids to use. Moved to Colorado in 1990. Rock climbed as much as I could for a couple of decades until injuries and a growing family shifted my interests to CrossFit. A fellow soccer coach needed a fly fishing partner and recruited me. (Thanks George!) My passion is seeking out and fishing small streams. Look at me now – a Flyathlete.

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