FLYATHLETE #22- The Curtis Creek Imposter

Name:  Wil Rickards
Codename:  The Curtis Creek Imposter
Age:  Grey hair
Favorite Venue:  Somewhere where no one can witness my incompetence, the banks are dry and soft and the clouds are small and fluffy.
Favorite Fish:  The one that actually agrees to take my fly and stay on it.
Favorite Beer:  Marston’s Pedigree – in the whole history of mankind there has never been a bad night out when Pedigree was consumed.

Statement:  Any sponsor who likes outside odds needs to back this horse (they will have bragging rights for a decade). The only things going for me is I am incredibly simple (this is good right? its just that everyone snickers when they tell me I am). I have also swum my fair share of white water and consequently have an intimate understanding of a fish’s habitat. All that flailing in a kayak was research for a future life. #minimalistrunner #tenkara #wannabe

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