FLYATHLETE #20: Caboose


Name: John Isanhart
Birthday: Earth Day
Code name: Caboose
Alma mater: Texas Tech (Guns Up!)
Favorite venue: spring creek with strong fish
Favorite fish: any kind of cutt
Favorite beer: Renegade Black Gold, Imperial Peanut Butter Cup Milk Stout

Statement: I hail originally from Arkansas, ya’ll, home of the White and Little Red Rivers and former world record brown trout. I started fly fishing six years ago and have made it one of my life’s passions ever since. I moved to Colorado from Utah about a year ago, where I spent five years riding awesome powder and honing my fishing skills on the Provo River and other high mountain streams in the Uintas. I’m always searching for my next favorite craft beer; maybe I’ll meet her at the Flyathlon.

Recent quote: “Here….take the rod and reel in this fish! Oh shit, that’s right…you’ve never done this before!” (Needless to say, we didn’t land that fish.)

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