FLYATHLETE #195: Bunjibry

Name: Bryan S Wells
Real Name: Bunjibry
Age: 48 and subtracting
Birthday: February 14th, 1968 (Yes, the age of aquarius, PEACE!)
Favorite Fish: Colorado Greenback, Sarvice Creek Brookie
Favorite Beer: Ten Fidy
Bio– My ZEN comes from a run/hike up to some remote mountian lake where all that can be heard is the breeze blowing through the willows, the gurgling of the runnoff above reaching the inlet, the zip of the line from my roll cast, the sound of a cutty attacking my home tied October caddis, and seeing the beautiful colors of this amazing creature that can withstand 20 below zero hibernating in the Colorado high country winters. My upbringing put me on the path in supporting the conservation or river, lake, and streams in Colorado.