FLYATHLETE # 19: Mrs. Renfro

BoomMrs. Renfro

Name:  Tim Murrell
Codename:  Mrs. Renfro
Age:  39
Favorite Flyathlon Venue:  I prefer brush and meadow creeks
Favorite Fish:  Rio Grande cutthroat trout
Favorite Beer:  Orval

Statement:  I’m originally from Santa Fe New Mexico.  Que Viva la Fiesta!  I enjoy long hikes to get far upstream of Andrew and into tight brush-laden creek reaches.  One of my more memorable fishing outings was casting between two tight red rock walls to a group of hungry 16″ plus Rio Grande Cutthroats.  We recently moved up to CO and I brew ales, fish, ski, ride, and run when I can.  Excited to put my skills to the test in the first annual Flyathlon.

Recent Quote:  “But he did it; why doesn’t he get in trouble?”


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