FLYATHLETE #125: The Alien

Fish Camp
Name – Terry Arrington
Codename – The Alien
Age– AARP eligible (barely)
Favorite Fish – the one stupid enough to take my fly
Favorite Venue – any stream or lake where I am the only person there
Favorite Beer – rotates regularly but currently Trout Hop Black IPA from Grand Teton Brewing
Bio – Native New Mexican (born in Roswell …still waiting on the Mothership to return to pick me up), sentenced to 30+ years in Texas and now living in Pagosa Springs, CO.   I started fly fishing with a spinning rod and plastic bubble in high school then my brother in law showed me the “reel” way …been doing it right for over 30 years.  I started running with the wife 15 years ago and still hate it …but it allows me to partake in the finer things of life (beer, ribeyes and desserts)