Name: Susan Carrie Miller by birth, Susan Arrington by marriage
Codename: Many call me SC which is also short for Santa Claus, kind of a nice perk even though I am female and thin.
Age: I am 55 years of age, but in my heart I feel 35 except I cannot see up close and need those little magnifying glasses to tie my flies on my line!

Birthday: July 20th, I was three the day they first landed on the moon and it was reported in the paper, my fifteen minutes of fame

Bio: I grew up in New Mexico and spent most of my time outdoors playing, camping, hiking, fishing, and hanging with my dad who in the summers was a forest ranger. We did not fly fish then, but when I married, my husband was learning to fly fish. As I watched him for a few years I found that I wanted to learn and eventually that led to me spending more time with him fishing. Now I am hooked, pun intended! There is nothing like catching a trout on a fly and feeling the power of the fish as you bring one in.

I also love beer, it’s hard to give a favorite, but if I had to I would say a good oatmeal stout does the trick.

My favorite fish? I still have many to catch, so no favorite.