FLYATHLETE #118: Curly

Name: Heidi Oberstadt
Nickname: Curly
Age: 30 and trying to accept it
Birthday: Nine months after a big Midwestern snowstorm
Favorite Fish: Baby Brookies
Favorite Beer: Central Waters HHG APA
Bio: I’m a curly-haired professional photographer based in Wisconsin. I have a cute home a couple blocks from the Wisconsin River, and I’m an alderwoman for my city so I can protect our waterways. I travel all over the place running, fly fishing, kayaking, and adventuring. I’m a serious coffee drinker, avid yogi, and classically trained musician (with the student loans to prove it!). I smile a lot, and I’m ushering in my 30th year with a mouth full of braces. I have a fabulously mustachioed husband and a badass Jack Russell Terrier as my usual running partner.