Floyd the Dog

Many of you have asked how Floyd is fairing following the passing of his adopted sister, Maggie.  Also 14+ years old, there was some fear that he might fade with her passing, but that has not been the case.  Long story short, he is thriving.  I think that he was sad for a bit, but there’s was a give and take relationship.  Maggie would dish it out, and Floyd would take it.  Now that he is an only dog, here are the new and interesting things that Floyd has been up to:

1)  Frequent visits to the local coffee shop:  Maggie would bark at just about anything, so this just wasn’t part of our routine…

2) Party guest:  At a recent Water Quality Control Commission party at our house, Floyd was allowed to mingle with the guests.  He was mostly well behaved, but did manage to snatch 6 or so neglected sandwiches.  Good dog.

3)  Field trips:  The old man had the day of his life last Sunday, when Cassie and the girls brought him down to Lake George.  He drifted down the South Platte, he swam laps in the pond (see photo), he licked then rolled on a couple of dead fish, he wandered freely through the brush, he kept up with Nick the much younger dog…  He was so pleased with himself, at several points, he just stood there, barking triumphantly into the air for no good reason.  Sure, he had trouble walking for days after the trip, but dammit, it was worth it…

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