Here are some of the things that race participants are saying about the experience that they had at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon… (keep in mind that at least one of the comments came from a relative, but several more came from folks that actively dislike me…):

“This was literally the BEST weekend I’ve had thus far living in Colorado. The people were nice, the beer was good and the fishing was spectacular. I can’t wait for next year’s event!”

“Shaking hands from the adrenaline rush of running while trying to Ninja cast into a 3 foot wide stream was just the beginning of the morning…”

“Outstanding event in a terrific part of the state! Enjoyed it a lot!”

“The excitement with the Flyathlon is choosing your strategy. Being that there are fishing opportunities all along the race route, one has to decide. Do I tackle most of the run first, then hope there are open fishing spots towards the end to avoid trail congestion?  Do I take the first best fishing location regardless of distance left to run, or do I sprint the entire route, catch a fish and decide If I take a few extra minutes for an attempt to get an even bigger fish for time deduction? Regardless, your chosen strategy will be rewarded at the end with craft beer!  Brilliant!”

“My experience was far greater than I had expected. Certainly looking forward to next years event!”

“Flyathletes are a friendly, social bunch who are passionate about fishing, running and drinking beer in the woods…not necessarily in that order.”

“Where else can you fish and commune with people who love the sport of fly fishing and understand what has to be done to protect our fishing areas?  Also who enjoy a good pint…”

“A few things I liked:  Increased awareness for cutthroat preservation and habitat; gets anglers off popular and over-fished water and opens our eyes to the multitude of great streams across the state; connects people who work hard to preserve water quality and cold water fisheries. I hope bringing us together leads to important collaboration across organizations and interests down the road. Made me run more than usual in preparation, and that’s supposed to be good. And the beer. Did I mention the beer?”

“The Flyathlon was the best weekend of the summer! What a great way to get outdoor enthusiast types doing all of their favorite events in one weekend! Everyone I told about the “race” wants in for next year.”

“A great course that was challenging and had the participants make high risk/high reward decisions (i.e. having to run further to catch a native). I have to say that I haven’t met a Flyathlete I didn’t like. Already trying to figure out how I’m going to train and be prepared for next year’s.”

“While I’m a complete novice at trail running, I have spent some time hiking in the mountains and knew what to expect. That being said, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and an event in which I will participate every year. I’ve spent most of my time fishing the bigger rivers and more accessible creeks of Colorado, so this was a wonderful change of pace and an entirely new fishing experience that I can’t wait to have again. Thank you for organizing such an awesome event with a group of great people. Looking forward to next year.”

“Flyathlon is the blending of trail running and fly fishing, two sports which otherwise wouldn’t overlap. As fly fishermen (and women) we are encouraged to take our time, observe everything, never panic and fish composed. The Flyathlon shatters these ingrained habits and forces you to reevaluate the way you approach a stream with efficiency being the highest quality. It’s made me a better fisherman.”

“This event gets me back to what I enjoy most about fishing: small, seldom-fished streams that are worth the effort to get to.”

“Super fun!!! JUST DO IT!”

“The excitement of an adventure race infused with the mellow vibe of a fishing trip with friends. Running, fishing and drinking beer are three things I have done for years, but I never thought to mash them together. Who knew they would complement each other so well? The 1st annual flyathlon has me hooked. I can’t wait for more.”

“I nearly bowed out of this event because we had watch-the-kid issues and it was 4 hours away. I am extremely glad I did not. Even though it took me 5 hours (with 2.5 fishing) to finish, I had a spectacular time. The course was beautiful, and I caught plenty of fish (strategy-wise, I should have stopped at 1), and was a nice reminder for my husband and I of pre-kid days camping and fishing, we will survive when the empty nest comes! We have told the story of our weekend over and over, and it was only a week ago!”

“I hate to dilute my joy of running by doing it too often, alternatively I get much too excited when I catch a fish and need to mitigate that rush by doing it much, much more. If that makes as much sense to you as it does to me, then you’re ready for a Flyathlon!”

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