Fastest Known Fish (FKF) is our archive of fastest known times for various Flyathlon trails and routes.  You must include all elements of the Flyathlon to establish a FKF (run, fish, and beer).

How do you establish a FKF?

In order to establish a FKF, you simply need to document all of the details of your accomplishment in a way that it can be verified with some reasonable degree of certainty.  The more thorough you are in documenting it, the better it will be for those of us who will try to attempt to beat it.  Here are some basics that you should include in your documentation…

  • Documentation of the route:  GPX file from your watch is ideal, but you can also make these in Map my Run.  Include a map and elevation profile, if possible.
  • Documentation of the time:  Just tell us how long it took you.  We trust you.  Timing follows Training Rules, which specify that your time can be “paused” during that time after you release your first fish until you start running again…
  • Photo of the fish:  Preferably with time and coordinates stamped on it (you can get an app called Solocator that will do this for you).
  • Other photos from the route:  As incentive for your potential challengers.
  • Photo of the beer:  And tasting notes, if that is the way you roll…

Send us all of these details and we will get your FKF posted ASAP.

Here is a list of current courses with Fastest Known Times.  I will get the maps and elevation profiles up soon.