EVENTS: 2015 Flyathlon Series of Events


Based on the enthusiasm we have received regarding the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon, we will be taking our sport to the next level in 2015.  While the full scope of events and activities continues to grow and evolve, we have several elements and dates that are falling into place.

2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Flyathlon- Saguache

Permitting is almost complete, and this year’s race will include a choice of two courses, the traditional short course (~7 miles) and a new long course (~12 miles).  The course has changed a lot since last summer, with a trail re-route and some new beaver pond action…  The event will take place on August 15th, 2015, but please block off the entire weekend.  This event is SOLD OUT, but if you still would like to join us in a volunteer capacity, please send me an email.

Troutman Team Challenge

In 2015, based largely on the fact that I can’t compete in my own organized events, and because organizing a marathon distance Flyathlon that doesn’t pass through designated wilderness would be a total cluster, we will instead be rolling out the Troutman Team Challenge.  In short, this is a unsupported marathon trail run (with more than 4K elevation gain) wherein you must catch all 4 trout resident in Colorado and drink a Colorado beer over 12% ABV in under 12 hours.  Complete this challenge, and you get a Troutman belt-buckle (in design).  My teammate (Flyathlete #14– The Face) and I will be attempting this in mid-September, at the latest.  Rumor has it that other teams-of-two are forming…  There is no set course, just a requirement that you prove everything.  See the above link for detailed rules.

Fish Slapping

Again, because I can only organize so many events and remain gainfully employed / happily married, I created the fish slap to allow Flyathletes to compete in events that we didn’t organize.  All that is entailed in a fish slap is to catch a fish during another organized race event, and take a picture of said fish on the other race’s bib.  Complete this task, submit the photo to me, and you will earn an official Flyathlon stainless steel pint glass.

Additional races

There are already several additional events in the works for 2016…

Informal events

This spring, I will be holding several informal “social” events for Flyathletes.  These will include long weekend trail runs in the foothills, casting clinics in the park (for those who are learning to fish), rare beer sightings, etc…  Please stay tuned to the Facebook page if you are interested in participating in these events.

Also, in the informal category, is something I call Stouts and Trouts.  Very simply, when you are fishing, take a stout with you.  If you catch a trout, take a picture of it with your stout.  I will post the picture in our gallery…


While individual events will have additional event sponsors, we feel that it is important to acknowledge those companies that are committed to the big Flyathlon picture for 2015.  We are proud that the following companies believe in what the Flyathlon is about, and ask you to support them immediately…

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