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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

In order to be a successful Flyathlete, you need very few things.  This is fly fishing stripped down to its bare essentials.  Don’t pack too much crap; you have to run up a mountain with all of that…

A packable fly-rod:  When I need to pack down super small, I fish the the 7-piece 3-weight Orvis Frequent Flyer or my Fenwick World Class.  More recently, I pack my bitchin’ Rolling Rivers custom fly rod, built with love by Running Rivers board member and Troutman Matt White.  If you are a lady, please give Denver-based SaraBella Fishing a shot.  Both of my girls have these rods that are made with love by a local Denver company…

A lightweight reel:  I am a Ross Reel guy (another Colorado company), and my weapon of choice for the Flyathlon is the CLA2.

Flies:  However many you want to carry.  Not the place to save weight, as lacking a key fly can cost you minutes…  Hit up Fatties on the Fly for fly boxes that are custom-designed by one of our Texas flyathletes for wherever you are heading.

A watch:  You will need to keep track of your total time from trailhead to fish to trailhead.  I love my Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire.  This watch is bad ass…  Oh, and I have been recently playing with the Suunto Traverse Alpha, which has some really cool features for fisher people built in…

A camera:  You don’t think that someone is really going to believe that you caught a fish in two minutes, do you?  I use my iPhone, which doubles as a jukebox.

A pack:  I am forever searching for that perfect trail running pack that has all of the key features of a fly fishing vest, as well as enough storage in the back for a rod and reel…  Many have come close over the years, but I am most excited about the Osprey Packs Rev 12.  It withstood our successful 2017 Troutman Team Challenge attempt, the most grueling of testing grounds…

A GPS Messenger:  At Running Rivers, we use Garmin InReach Explorer devices as our communications / safety hub for all of our events, and it works perfectly.  Cell phones don’t typically work where we hold our races, so the messaging function on this bad-boy is essential.

Trail shoes:  I am back to Brooks Running, with the Cascadia.  Love these shoes.

A Cooler:  See “The Reward” section.  The YETI Roadie 20 is a perfect size for six or so beers, and YETIs are bad-ass coolers, no joke.  I recently tried their soft-sided Hopper 30, and I highly recommend it.

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