Custom Fly Box from Ascent Fly Fishing



P5110053This a a photo of the fly box that Ascent Fly Fishing has donated for the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.  I purchased a similar box myself, and I am looking forward to fishing it as soon as it stops snowing here in Colorado.  Ascent Fly Fishing will be putting together a smaller assortment of flies hand-picked for the Saguache course, which you can order directly from Peter Stitcher at for $30.  I will also have several available at the event itself, in case you decide last minute that you want the advantage of a box of biologist-approved flies…

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  1. I have tried many time to connect to Peter Stitchers webb site ( with no success. Do you know how to contact him?

    • Barry:

      My understanding is that Peter’s website is not yet up, but will be soon. In the meantime, the best way to reach him is to send him an email at that address…

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