COURSES: Sandbeach Lake, RMNP

Location:  Rocky Mountain National Park, Wild Basin Trailhead
Total distance: 9.2 miles
Total elevation: 2,062 feet
First Fish:  Nada
Total time:  2 hour, 36 minutes, 25 seconds
Post-run beer:  No fish, no beer…


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  2. So I was also skunked – although I read the advice about the outlet a little too late. On the other hand as I was changing a fly I saw a bear behind me. He almost made me add a swimming leg to the flyathlon but it turned out he was more interested in berries than fishermen.

    Run time: 53:00 minutes up, 43:44 down
    No fish
    Beer: Denver Pale Ale (yeah, no fish but I also didn’t get eat by a bear)

    Wrote up a blog on it if anyone is interested:

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