Bad Ass Sponsors…

Emerging Sponsors!!!

Thanks to my good friend and fellow Flyathlete, Mrs. Renfro (a.k.a. Tim Murrell), we have several exciting new developments in our attempt to legitimize the Flyathlon and move it along its inevitable path towards the 2026 Summer Olympics.  While his tactics are completely classified, Renfro has somehow managed to convince both Brooks Running ( and CamelBak ( that they ought to send some product to support our event.  This is super cool, as I have been running in Brooks Adrenaline ASRs for the last 7 years or so, and Camelbak is making some cool new trail running packs…Stay tuned on this noteworthy development.

In the meantime, please visit the following link to find more information about our existing sponsors (Elevation Beer Company, the Gunnison Brewery, the San Luis Valley Brewing Company, Skratch Labs, Ascent Fly Fishing, Trouts Fly Fishing, and Colorado Trout Unlimited).  2014 Flyathlon Sponsors.

If you know of a company that might be interested in jumping on the train, let me know…


Exciting Day for the Flyathlon

Just realized that the spring edition of High Country Angler came out recently, and my short story about the roots of the Flyathlon is in it…

The Rocky Mountain Flyathlon

Also, there may be some exciting new sponsors entering into the party.  No, no local spirits yet (though if anyone has connections at Stranahans, Leopold Bros., or Breckenridge, let me know).  Think one of the other disciplines of the Flyathlon, where we might currently be light on folks believing in us…


Ascent Flies

In an exciting new development, we have added an awesome local sponsor to the mix.  Ascent Fly Fishing is an emerging new Colorado company that has big aspirations in the fly fishing gear world, but also has the bad judgement to slum with us Flyathletes.  The brains behind Ascent, aquatic biologist Peter Stitcher, had an idea that fly selections could be pre-selected for specific destinations.  Which is exactly what he has done for the 2014 Flyathlon…  Based on my description of the Flyathlon’s top-secret 2014 course, Peter used his entomological expertise to select a limited number of flies that are essential for this venue.

If you are interested in gaining a competitive advantage over the other Flyathletes, please contact Peter at:

Ascent FF Logo


The Flyathlon Fish Trophies

For those of you who need to make your mark on this world, I present you with the Flyathlon trophies!  If you are fast on the trails, skilled with a rod, or some inhuman combination of the two, like Lord Stanley’s Cup(s), your name may eventually be etched (or in this case, burned) into greatness…

There are three total trophies, for now, and they are:

Flyathlete of the Year- Men:  This beautiful trout / sailfish hybrid was recovered from a brass bin in Denver, and represents the wild spirit of the Flyathlete.  If you shake it, it rattles.  Not entirely sure what is inside it.

Flyathlete of the Year- Women:  Also rescued from the scrap heap, this spectacular sunfish fish is made of a pure golden colored metal.  Since the Flyathlon is traditionally run high up in the mountains, if you actually catch a fish that resembles this fish, please let the Race Director or the nearest fisheries biologist know immediately.

Biggest Fish of the Year-  Man or Woman:  The most spectacular of our trophies, this pewter beauty actually used to be a serving platter, and can still be used as such in a pinch.

Unlike the Stanley Cup, the Flyathlon trophies do not travel, except to the event itself.  Instead, they reside on top of the bitchin new keg-o-rator in my garage, which you may visit only under close supervision.




North Table Mountain / Cannonball Creek



Awesome trail run today with last year’s Flyathlon Biggest Fish winner, Todd Doherty.  Just short of 6 miles on North Table Mountain near Golden, CO, followed by a couple of beers at Cannonball Creek Brewery.  No fishing was had, but 2 out of 3 elements were covered well.  First major test of the calf since it started to melt down in December, and it held up well.  Feeling good for the summer of 2014!



Thanks to someone much smarter than me (Adam Hicks, Flyathlon website manager), I have migrated from an iWeb-based website to this new WordPress site.  There are several important implications that will result from this change.  First, since Apple no longer supports the iWeb software, I can sleep easier at night not living in fear of updating my iMac to the new OS (which does not contain iWeb).  Second, since WP is easy to access and update remotely, I can spend more time adding content to this website.  Please come back frequently.  Finally, because the Flyathlon is going “official” this year, I thought that I should have something that looks a little cleaner than the old site.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts about the site, as I am still new at this website business…

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