Black Hills Team 2/3 Flyathlon

So I found myself working in Rapid City, South Dakota this week…  Seriously.  Both days, we shocked creeks where every other fish that we turned was an absolute mystery to me.  Plains minnow?  Brassy minnow?  Brassy plains minnow?  I powered through, though, and was rewarded on the way home with a great run on the Centennial Trail through the Black Hills.  Turns out not many South Dakotans use this part of the trail, as it was heavily overgrown.  That made it all the more fun to run.

While we ran, my friend Ben McGee fished the tailwater of a Black Hills reservoir.  Together, we combined for a pretty epic 2/3 Flyathlon afternoon…


New Sponsors- Three Barrels and a Yeti

As you will see on our sponsors page for the 2014 Flyathlon (and see below), we have added a couple of new sponsors within the last week.  The first, Three Barrel Brewing Company ( rounds out the slate of awesome breweries that surround the 2014 Flyathlon venue.  Three Barrel makes some exceptionally delicious beers in an unexpected place (Del Norte, Colorado).

Our other new sponsor, Yeti Coolers (yeti, is a company that I have admired from a distance for some time.  A month ago, I finally threw down and bought a Yeti cooler right before I went into the woods for work for 7 days.  I bought two bags of ice on a Monday, and my food was still ice cold (beer was long gone) the following Sunday.  Get one.

ThreeBarrel_Badge_BlkOutline copy

Three Barrel Brewing Company (  I remember back when this brewery operated out of the back of the owner’s insurance office in Del Norte, CO.  It was awesome then, and it is even awesomer now that they have twice expanded.  If you don’t know where Del Norte is, how do you call yourself a Coloradan?  It was once considered to be our state capitol…  These guys make really good beer, and their people (Will in particular) are also very conservation-minded, so they are very much in line with the mission of the Flyathlon.


Yeti Coolers ( You’ve just finished an epic trail run where you caught some gigantic cutthroat trout… You are psyched.  But your car is hot, super hot, and there is zero chance that the cooler in the back holding your post Flyathlon craft beer has kept it cold.  Shit.

But wait! Your cooler is a Yeti, and Yeti coolers are better than all other coolers. And it turns out your post run / fish beer is super cold after all. Thanks to Yeti.

Thanks Yeti.


Imogene Pass Run


Got up early to register for this one, the Imogene Pass Run from Ouray to Telluride.  No fishing on this particular route, but rest assured that I will find some fishing and a very large beer after this one is finished….



One great part of my day job is that it takes me to some pretty cool places.  This past week, I visited many of my field sites around Colorado’s San Luis Valley, where this year’s Flyathlon will be held.  And after each workday finished, I trained for a summer full of running, fishing, and craft beer.

I drank a few beers from one of our beer sponsors, the San Luis Valley Brewing Company.


I ran the trail up to the top of Mosca Pass at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.


I fished this year’s Flyathlon course near Saguache.


I hope that your Flyathlon training is coming along as well, as August 16th is creeping up on us.  More details on the course, and the event in general, will be posted soon.  We still have a few slots open, so if you haven’t yet registered, do so immediately.

run. fish. beer.

Floyd the Dog

Many of you have asked how Floyd is fairing following the passing of his adopted sister, Maggie.  Also 14+ years old, there was some fear that he might fade with her passing, but that has not been the case.  Long story short, he is thriving.  I think that he was sad for a bit, but there’s was a give and take relationship.  Maggie would dish it out, and Floyd would take it.  Now that he is an only dog, here are the new and interesting things that Floyd has been up to:

1)  Frequent visits to the local coffee shop:  Maggie would bark at just about anything, so this just wasn’t part of our routine…

2) Party guest:  At a recent Water Quality Control Commission party at our house, Floyd was allowed to mingle with the guests.  He was mostly well behaved, but did manage to snatch 6 or so neglected sandwiches.  Good dog.

3)  Field trips:  The old man had the day of his life last Sunday, when Cassie and the girls brought him down to Lake George.  He drifted down the South Platte, he swam laps in the pond (see photo), he licked then rolled on a couple of dead fish, he wandered freely through the brush, he kept up with Nick the much younger dog…  He was so pleased with himself, at several points, he just stood there, barking triumphantly into the air for no good reason.  Sure, he had trouble walking for days after the trip, but dammit, it was worth it…

Pike on the Fly

While I was fishing for pig rainbows at Ashley Rust’s family’s place in Lake George this past weekend, I hooked into this little guy.  First pike I have ever caught on the fly…

Rolling River Anglers

IMG_0007P5040023Also wanted to let folks know that my friend Matt White, who makes custom fly rods under the name Rolling River Anglers, will be donating a fly rod to the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.  This past weekend down in Lake George, I fished a 7 ft. 2 wt. that he built, and it was pretty solid (see photo).  Check out his Facebook page ( and let him know if you want him to build you a rod for the event.

FYI, Matt has been crushing mileage since last year’s event, and looks like a formidable challenger for the 2014 all-around title!


Custom Fly Box from Ascent Fly Fishing



P5110053This a a photo of the fly box that Ascent Fly Fishing has donated for the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon.  I purchased a similar box myself, and I am looking forward to fishing it as soon as it stops snowing here in Colorado.  Ascent Fly Fishing will be putting together a smaller assortment of flies hand-picked for the Saguache course, which you can order directly from Peter Stitcher at for $30.  I will also have several available at the event itself, in case you decide last minute that you want the advantage of a box of biologist-approved flies…

Skyline Park

If you find yourself in Napa, CA, and you aren’t all that interested in wine, I strongly recommend visiting Skyline Wilderness Park (  I got a great 7 mile trail run in, with lots of elevation gain / loss.  To make things even cooler, there was something of a medieval festival / war games exercise event happening at the park on Saturday, which was both bizarre and fun to see.

Flyathlon Registration is now OPEN!

For those of you who have not been contacted already, registration for the 2014 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon is now open.  We will have a race cap of 45 competitors, and 20 have already registered.  So, if you would like to be a part of history, please visit the following link and register immediately:

Remember, all proceeds from this event will go to Colorado Trout Unlimited, so register now!

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you near Saguache, CO in August, if not sooner.

Founder and Flyathlete