2016 Middle Creek Flyathlon Summary

Photo by Erik Myhre

Photo by Erik Myhre

Now that I’ve had a full week to reflect on the 3rd Annual Middle Creek Flyathlon, I can officially say that it was the best we’ve ever put on. Here are ten reasons why the 2016 event was so incredible… (Click on the links below)

10) The incredible craft beer
9) The fun new events
8) The not so fun but still fun new events
7) The creativity of our flyathletes
6) The toughness of our flyathletes
5) The unique Flyathlon community
4) Our incredible volunteers
3) An emphasis on native trout
2) Our 2016 perfection
1) The difference that we make

We hope to see you back in the woods near Saguache in 2017.

run. fish. beer.

The Stout Runner