2016 Middle Creek Flyathlon Summary: #6

Photo by Erik Myhre

Photo by Erik Myhre

6) The toughness of our flyathletes: Every year, we have our fair share of injuries that need to be treated. Usually, these include rolled ankles, road rash, etc… But this year, at our upper checkpoint, we learned the true durability of our flyathletes. Top fundraiser Kelly DiNatale showed up at the top of Cow Skull Hill with a barbed #10 Elk Hair Caddis buried deep into his calf.

He could’ve tapped out to seek medical attention. He could’ve insisted that we call an ambulance or the evac-chopper. But no. Kelly took a deep swig of Cow Skull Hill water (a.k.a. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey), and ran the 3.5 miles downhill back to the finish line. There, he grabbed some more water (a.k.a. an Upslope Brown Ale) and patiently waited as our medical team removed the hook from his leg.

Tough as nails.

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