2016 Middle Creek Flyathlon Summary: #5

Photo by Erik Myhre

Photo by Erik Myhre

5) The unique Flyathlon community: A journalist recently asked me what our demographic is, and I struggled to describe it. This year was no exception. Our flyathletes ranged from millennials to mid 60’s. Our flyathletes and volunteers came from all corners of the country, including Washington, Minnesota, Iowa, and yes, TEXAS (hence the beer list above). We are fishermen who don’t run. Trail runners learning to fly fish.  Craft beer drinkers all.

By far, one of my favorite elements of the Flyathlon is the relationships that are forged in the backwoods of Colorado. Every year, friendships that started at the Flyathlon seem to grow, while newbies are warmly welcomed into the fold.   As new flyathlete Erin Spaulding (#141) described it in a recent Facebook post of the post-race group photo, “how strangers become family…” Indeed.

Speaking of relationships, in an unforeseen development, we have our first engagement on the books.

Flyathlete #116 Jake Sieve met Flyathlon volunteer Katie Jedlicka on Friday. By Saturday, they were engaged!!!

Actually, that story is complete horseshit, but this incredibly kind couple did come all the way from Minnesota to get engaged in our beautiful state. Congratulations to you two. From what I have seen, you were made for each other and have a life full of adventure in front of you.

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