2016 Middle Creek Flyathlon Summary: #4

Photo by Erik Myhre

Photo by Erik Myhre

4) Our incredible volunteers: Many of you commented on how well organized this year’s event was… While I’d like to take complete and absolute credit for this, I simply can’t. This spring, my wife told me that to do more, I had to relinquish control. Since the Flyathlon is my little infant baby, I struggled with this concept. But I relented, and created a position called the Race Organization Director (or “ROD”). Our first ROD was my good friend Brette Schell. Her organization and direction are the primary reason that the Flyathlon transitioned from back-alley circus to well-oiled machine.

Additionally, we had a great mix our cagey veteran volunteers (Kevin Terry, Matthew Crance, Matt White, Tyler Johnson, Laurel Stadjuhar, Tracey Towle, my wife, my girls, my parents, and my aunt and uncle) and new blood (Ben McGee, Brian Kouba, and the aforementioned Katie Jedlicka).

The Flyathlon is better every year because of these incredibly dedicated people.

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