2016 Middle Creek Flyathlon Summary: #10

Didn't stand a chance...

Photo by Erik Myhre

10) The incredible craft beer: By design, this event is intended to expose our flyathletes to great craft beers that they wouldn’t ordinarily know about. This year was the beeriest of all. We had great beers on tap (and in cans) from our sponsors in the San Luis Valley (San Luis Valley Brewing Company, Three Barrel), from neighboring valleys (Elevation Beer Company, High Alpine Brewing), from around Colorado (Upslope Beer Company), homebrew (Steve Conrad’s incredible Victory at Sea clone), from around the country (Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon, Iowa and yes, TEXAS), and even a few domestics (Busch Light made an inspired appearance at the starting line).

And we drank it all (except one sacrificial Busch Light).

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